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In my works, I am examining connections and thoughts about the visible, the hidden, the ‎conscious, and the subconscious. I do this through installations, analog photography, video, ‎mapping, and performance. In the creation process, I explore the viewer's optical ‎illusions, thinking about the gap between what ‎exists and what the viewer experiences, ‎between matter and its absence.‎

I investigate the issue of time and the duration of actions through a construction of mechanisms that produce a repetitive movement. I use electronic sensors of various ‎types such as sound, distance, light, and motion sensors that are usually operated with ‎Arduino to highlight the ‎repetitiveness. Through the sensors, I am emphasizing the viewer's presence, making it ‎an essential part of the work. The gap between what the viewer sees and what happens in space helps me explore questions on identity and existence.


Tanya Shraifel

live and work in Jerusalem


2021-2022          M.A in Policy and Theory of the Arts, Bezalel, Jerusalem

2020-2021          The Young Artists Greenhouse, Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem

2017-2020          The Department Of Media Arts Studies, Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem

2015-2017          M.A in Non-Profit and Community Organization Management, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2011-2014          B.A in Management of Service Organizations, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem



2021          'Hide and Expose', Group Exhibition, HaMiffal, Jerusalem

2020          'Belongs To Time', Musrara Graduate / Thesis Exhibition, Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem

2020          'Self Portrait', Group Exhibition, The Social Gallery Musrara, Jerusalem

2019          'Shadows Sounds And Movement', DISPLACEMENT, The MusraraMix Festival #19 Jerusalem

2019          'Shadows Sounds And Movement', The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, Tel Aviv

2019          'Clock', Shaon Horef Festival, Jerusalem

2019          'Kandinsky Virtual Reality', Group Exhibition, Poündak, Jerusalem

2019          'Clock', Group Exhibition, Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv

2018          'Self Portrait' Photogram, BREATHTURN The MusraraMix Festival #18 Jerusalem



Mashu Mashu Theater, Jerusalem

The Israeli Association of Communal Communication



Adobe Premier, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, lightroom

Resolume Arena

Unity, Blender


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